Villa Nova Indienne Collection now at Mill House Designs

by Sandie on June 19, 2012

Villa Nova new Indienne Collection is now available to view at Mill House Designs.



The origins of  ‘Indienne’ – came from a type of printed or painted cotton  textile, which was manufactured in Europe between the 17th and 19th  century, initially imported from India.

The original Indian techniques for textile printing involved long and  complicated processes, necessitating the use of metallic salts to fix the dyes  and the beautiful, vibrant, colours, came from the garance plant.

These light and vibrant textiles were extremely popular, and attempts at import substitution started to be made.

In 1640, Armenian merchants introduced Indian textile printing techniques at the port of Marseilles, and then later England and Holland would also adopt this technique.

Their importation and production was prohibited through a Royal Ordinance in 1686 in order to protect the local wool and silk cloth industries. The Indiennes continued to be produced locally despite the heavy prohibition, and were finally legalized again.

This new collection from Villa Nova combines traditional hand blocked print techniques, with intricate embroidery on both a linen and silk cloth. The ‘Tree of life’ has been elaborately given a fresh and modern feel and is available in a variety of colours.


In the Indienne collection, the design Indienne is suitable for curtain and upholstery use, and looks fantastic on a chair or sofa. The subtle mix of fibres give this fabric a soft feel and come in an array of colours to suit many room schemes and design objectives.



The 100% Silk design ‘Sarasa’, is as beautiful as it sounds, with an intricate embroidered sprig design on a lustrous silk background.



Complementing this is Kalamkari, a beautifully hand blocked motif with a delicate embroidered trail on 100% pure linen.



And finally in the Indienne collection you have Palampore.



This is a simple pocket weave depicting an all over stylised floral in a soft cotton/silk blend and is ideal for drapes.



So there you have the new and exciting range from Villa Nova.

Please contact us if you require any samples or prices on these fabrics.


And remember, the full range is available to view at Mill House Designs.

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