Winter curtains to help reduce fuel bills

by Sandie on September 10, 2012


As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop, there are some very simple steps you can take to help conserve energy and reduce your fuel bills by using curtains to help insulate your rooms.

The use of various types of blinds is very popular at the moment, and a common sight in many households. However, once the autumn appears and the dark nights draw in, they offer little protection from the cold outside.

Although it may feel a little indulgent to buy new curtains, it will definitely help reduce drafts. The law of nature dictates that heat energy moves from warmer areas into colder ones, which simply means that your warm centrally heated air is drawn to the colder air at the windows and out through the glass.

If you already have blinds fitted, do not despair, as you can probably hang curtains in front of the blinds, or across a bay window. If the blinds are recessed, then it should be quite easy to fit a track or pole above the window to hang winter curtains. They can always be taken down in the summer, an activity that was greatly used in Victorian times when they alternated between summer and winter curtains. If your blinds are in a bay window, then it should be possible to hang curtains across the front of the bay, so they clear the windows during the daytime, allowing as much winter sun through as possible, but can be drawn once it gets dark to insulate the room.

Also, if you have a poorly fitting front or back door, put a curtain across it; you will immediately notice a difference, and have it extra long to stop the cold air coming in under the curtain.

The best curtains for insulation are interlined curtains with thermal linings. These will not only look sumptuous and full, they will have the best insulation properties too.

Even better if you can use a heavier weave fabric. There are many contempory colours and designs to choose from, so your new winter curtains can be bright and cheerful.

If interlined curtains are a little out of budget, go for thermal lined curtains. You will still notice a big difference in warmth, and how lovely to have new curtains to brighten up the winter months.

Another trick, if you already have curtains hanging, but they are not very thick, fit a Roman blind behind them, as Roman blinds have two layers of fabric and can be fitted close to the glass, which will really help keep out the cold. Or alternatively, put a second lining up behind your existing curtains. Use a blackout lining or thermal lining as every extra layer over the glass will help in reducing your heating bills.

So you see with a little thought and planning, you will be able to reduce your heating bills and cheer up your surroundings.

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