Making a 90 second video for Mill House Designs with Mike Hax from Hax Media.

by Sandie on August 10, 2013

When a friend of mine first suggested that I should consider doing a 90 second promotional video for my soft furnishings business, Mill House Designs, I was very sceptical and, to be quite honest, a little scared at the prospect. What did I know about making a film and talking to a camera? I was sure that my business did not need this type of marketing tool, after all, most of our customers came from recommendations and repeat business, but I was still curious and I did agree to meet with Mike Hax from Hax Media ( for an initial consultation and to see what he had to say.

He put all the benefits before me, outlining that the soft furnishings industry was full of colour and visual stimulation and that I would be ‘missing an opportunity’ if I chose to not promote Mill House Designs through this media. I still wasn’t convinced, but something inside started to seriously consider his proposition and the seed was sown.

I had to conquer my own fears; and you’ve heard the saying, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, well this became my mantra. I was sure if I overcame my anxieties it would all turn out well. Hax and I had several telephone conversations, and meetings, always with him assuring me that all would be fine and he would guide me thorough the whole process, which I have to say, he did splendidly.

Once I had agreed to go ahead with the project, my mind started to fill with ideas and images of how I thought it should be and what I wanted to show. The process started with a questionnaire so Hax could get a better understanding of my business and my ideals. Then, as if by magic, he turned my answers into a script! It was all getting very serious and I have to say I felt excited and nervous at the same time, but was determined to see it through and do the best job possible.

Finally the day of filming arrived, and I was up early, bath, hair wash, make up and about 10 changes of outfit, before I was ready. I had spent days tidying up, as my workroom was normally a mess with stuff everywhere, fabrics waiting to be made up into orders, and tools of the trade littering every inch of space; I was ready.

We started by filming the script, which was going to be used as a voice over to tell the story of my customers journey when they visit us. This was the worst part of the whole day for me, but Hax was very patient as I kept fluffing my lines, nervously laughing where I should be serious and generally feeling a little foolish and on show. Though I have to say I was quite pleased with myself that the blushing teenager of old did not decide to reappear, which was one of my many fears.

We then moved onto filming in the workroom and with a customer, and the rest of the day just flew by. I have to say by home time I was exhausted, but very pleased that I had said yes, as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and went home looking forward to seeing the finished film.

Once the first cut of the film was ready, I nervously watched it and was very critical of myself; the way I looked and sounded was a horrible thing to see and hear, and I had to watch it over and over again before I could get past this feeling and look at it from a more constructive stance. Poor Mike I think he was a little disappointed that I wasn’t jumping up and down with joy, after all, he had done an excellent job and delivered exactly what he had promised.

Now the film is finished and is ready for all to see, I love it, and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, or update it in the future. I can see what a great marketing tool it will be for my business and informative and interesting for my customers. If anyone out there is thinking, ‘Would a video be good for my business too?’ have a look and if you like what you see I’m sure Hax would be only too pleased to guide you through the same process.

I’m Sandie Hotchkiss from

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