How to choose curtain lining

by Sandie on March 29, 2010

Most curtains will benefit from being lined.

Lining achieves a full and tailored look to your curtains and helps them drape better. Pleated curtain headings and those with formal headings especially benefit from lining. The lining fabric will protect you curtains from strong sunlight and dirt, and provide a degree of insulation from draughty windows.

Cotton sateen is the best choice for your lining fabric. It’s is easy to handle, and easy to press into clean creases. Try and choose cream or ecru/ivory, as it stays cleaner than white, doesn’t look as stark and will not fade in sunlight filtering through the window.

Interlining your curtains with a heavy, soft fabric – such as bump (100% cotton interling), or domette (a polyester alternative) will help to block out light when pulled together and give extra warmth by concealing draughts around windows. Again, interlining does wonders at helping curtains drape properly and gives a truly professional finish.

Blackout lining is the perfect choice for childrens bedroom, and the blackout lining we sell is very soft and drapes well. Use it to line roman blinds and curtains for maximum blackout.

It is also possible to buy coloured linings, which can look great when the curtain is pulled back from the bottom corner point to expose the lining, though you have to be prepared for fading, as the sun will bleach the colour out all too soon. Please request samples of the coloured linings that we have available.

Check out our available linings to give you a truly professional finish.

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