Make a self bordered cushion with envelope opening

by Sandie on November 28, 2011

Making a self bordered cushion with envelope back.

Decide on the size of the cushion pad you want to use and measure across the width and length of the pad then add on 10cm (2”) to both measurements.
Cut out the front section to this measurement. Use a cushion template, if possible, to get a square cut, and remember to centralise your chosen pattern.
Cut out the back section the same width as the front, but add on 15 – 20cm (6”- 8”) to the length. This is the section that will form the envelope.
Cut the back into two sections, approx in half, it won’t matter if you are more 1/3 – 2/3 just remember that the bottom 5cm (2”) will be the border.
Turn over a double 1cm turning at the middle edges, pin, tack and machine.
Lay the back two pieces on top of the front section and line up, making both sides the same size by overlapping the two back sections. I usually have the top section overlapping the bottom section as this helps to minimise the ‘envelope’ gaping.
Pin, tack and machine across both back pieces approx 2” (5cm) in from the sides (depending on the width of your border) across the overlap of the opening, making sure you machine in enough to cover the border width.
Lay both sides right sides together and pin, tack and machine the front to the back using a 1cm seam allowance.
Trim the corners and turn the cushion cover right side out, pushing the corners square and ironing out any creases, lay flat on your table.
Pin, tack and machine 2” (5cm) in from the edge all round the cushion cover.
Press your cover and insert pad.

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