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by Sandie on April 5, 2011

In the post war 1950s homes, great changes were taking place.  The post war years brought open plan living, and the fitted kitchen, complete with large colourful fridges and new household appliances was the housewife’s domain.

Houses were smaller than pre-war ones so furniture had to stack or be light enough to move about; trolleys, sofa beds and ironing boards are all 1950s inventions.

The designs of the moment bounced between the American diner look with bubblegum colours, neon and kitsch, or the designer look with furniture and textiles, which have both become design classics. The retro designs of the 1950’s interiors were full of retro fabrics with floral designs, and funky fabrics with geometric designs, full of colour and expression. This is where the age of the consumer began.

In 1951, the festival of Britain opened its doors to showcase all that was new and vibrant in Britain. The aim of the exhibition was to raise the nation’s spirits after the war years and to celebrate the best of British art, 1950’s interior design and industry.

Sanderson fabrics have now launched a 1950’s Collection that is a bold and iconic collection of prints and weaves that celebrates a decade of design, which transformed the boundaries of interior decoration.

The Sanderson 50’s collection combines original 1950’s designs from the Sanderson archive with designs from contemporary artists who have taken great inspiration from this era.

‘Festival’ is a reproduction of a design specially created for the Festival of Britain. The design is typical of the era with bold abstract shapes and blocks of colour, and is available in fabrics and wallpaper.

Another design from the Sanderson 1950’s collection is Hayward.  This design takes it’s inspiration from the very popular 1950’s Poole pottery, and was designed in the Sanderson studio, inspired by the incised textures and intense glazes used on the pottery, some if which is

One of the original 1950 designs in the collection is Mobiles, which was originally printed on rayon, which at the time was a newly developed fabric, which was affordable and  popular with the younger more sophisticated generation.

Another original design from 1953 is Perpetua, which has been taken from the Sanderson archives. This floral fabric was again, originally printed on rayon, but has been given a more up to date revival and is now available in 100% cotton or a cotton/nylon mix. The simple, stylised shapes represent flower heads and stems. It has been recreated as closely as possible to the original design and is now rotary printed in four colourways.

Finally the collection includes ‘Seaweed’ which has also been taken from a document in the Sanderson archives, which was designed in 1954. Originally printed on cotton crepe it has been reproduced on a similar 100% cotton fabric in four colourways. This design depicts seaweed and plants within rectangular blocks with textured dotting and abstract shapes.

Have a look and see what you think of this new retro collection from Sanderson fabrics, and then give us a call and let us see how we can help bring these new ranges into your home.

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